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3 things about cloud and IoT you need to consider

Understand the storage, encryption, and data processing trade-offs when building your IoT apps in the cloud hashtag#IoT hashtag#Cloud

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

The Internet of Things at the Service of the Smart Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a real driver of development for many industries hashtag#IoT

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Data Analytics Optimizes Shipping through KPI Tracking

The shipping industry is being affected by big data analytics more than most pundits care to admit. It is clearly having a profound effect on shipping hashtag#DataAnalytics

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

An IoT maturity model and tips for IoT deployment success

What makes one IoT initiative more successful than another? There are many answers to that question hashtag#IoT

1 days ago by Klecha & Co.

What is Augmented Data Science and Why is it Important to My Business?

If Data Science was once the sole domain of analysts and data scientists, Augmented Data Science represents the democratized view of this domain hashtag#AugmentedDataScience

1 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Can AI Remove The Risk From EHRs?

AI, which can also be spoken about in terms of machine learning, is all about pattern recognition hashtag#AI

1 days ago by Klecha & Co.

What are the benefits of IoT for utilities and their consumers?

Saving energy and optimizing distribution are benefits of IoT for utilities hashtag#IoT

2 days ago by Klecha & Co.

The Rise of the Data Team

Transforming organizational cultures and finding sustainable technological solutions will take time, but investing in data teams makes sense now hashtag#DataTeam

2 days ago by Klecha & Co.

How the Gig Economy Will Bring Big Data to Every Market

Any organization that wants to grow at a meaningful pace would be wise to learn how to leverage the vast amount of data available to drive growth hashtag#BigData

2 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Security Think Tank: Seven steps to manage risk of catastrophic cyber attack

How should businesses plan to survive a potential cyber attack extinction event? hashtag#Security

3 days ago by Klecha & Co.