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yoskovitz_saar (1)

Three predictions for the future of IIoT

It seems like everyone these days is talking about the #internetofthings and how connected devices and wearables have and will continue to impact our lives. From wrist watches to smart appliances, we can already see this trend come to fruition #IIoT

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Smart Data Governance: Ensuring Regulatory Compliance with Smart Availability

Traditionally, high availability (HA) concerns revolved around performance. HA offered various redundancy and failover options to ensure business continuity in the event of workload spikes, planned maintenance, and unplanned downtime #SmartDataGovernance

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Here’s How The UK Government Is Using Big Data For Tax Collection

The UK has implemented big data for tax purposes and for tracking down tax avoiders. Here's how they do it, and how other systems might want to do the same #BigData

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Leveraging Blockchain Technology and Internet of Things for Social Good

Businesses across the globe are waking up to the importance of corporate social responsibility #Blockchain #IoT #CSR

3 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Living On the Edge: Extracting Ultimate Value from Your IoT Data

The Internet of Things is steadily generating inconceivable amounts of data. By 2025, the IoT is projected to generate more than 2 zettabytes of data #IoT #BigData

3 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Can ICO Data Awareness Campaigns Create More Trust In Crypto?

Data awareness is a major concern throughout the world. It is a particularly sensitive topic within the crypto community #Cryptocurrencies

3 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Why Cryptocurrencies and Tokens Are Securities

New securities call for new rules. All digital assets – coins, tokens and copyrights – are made to be stored or traded for profit and therefore should be classed as “digital securities” and regulated accordingly #Cryptocurrencies

4 days ago by Klecha & Co.

A Blockchain of Data for Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management

Data conceals as much as it reveals. That is, information alone clarifies little or nothing unless you can see everything with clarity #Blockchain #SupplyChainManagement

4 days ago by Klecha & Co.
Eliminate-Silos (1)

How to Eliminate Silos in Company-Wide Data Analytics

“Silos” are something of a buzzword, but the concept they describe warrants your attention #WideDataAnalytics

4 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Mobile network operator strategies for IoT

Where are the real IoT business opportunities for MNOs to strategize and achieve volume, scale and growth? #IoT #MobileNetworkOperator

5 days ago by Klecha & Co.