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DeepOps: The Lessons Deep Learning Can Learn From DevOps

DeepOps today is where DevOps was in the 1990s—a nascent field that is becoming increasingly necessary hashtag#DeepOps

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Why DataViz is important? 2 Simple Examples to Explain

In the age of Big Data, the DataViz is more essential than ever to see clearly in the tons of data processed by companies hashtag#DataVisualization

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Data Scalability Leads To New Evolutions In Smart Technology

Data scalability and big data have transformed the way technology develops. Here's how new tech evolutions have popped up thanks to data scalability hashtag#DataScalability

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Data Modeling in the Machine Learning Era

Machine learning (ML) is empowering average business users with superior, automated tools to apply their domain knowledge to predictive analytics or customer profiling hashtag#DataModeling hashtag#MachineLearning

3 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Deep Data Makes Digital Catalogues Viable Organizational Tools

Deep data provides ways to make digital catalogues far more viable organizational tools. Here's how it works and why it's so helpful hashtag#DeepData

3 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Security Think Tank: Frame cyber security impacts in business contexts

How can security professionals communicate effectively with the board and senior business leaders – what works and what doesn’t? hashtag#Security

5 days ago by Klecha & Co.

The Challenge of Developing a Data-Centric Culture

Due to market and technology pressures, many companies are evaluating moving to what is being called a data-centric culture hashtag#DataCentricCulture

5 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Top Programming Languages For Data Developers In 2019

Here are the top programming language for data developers to consider learning in 2019, and what is important to know about them hashtag#ProgrammingLanguages

5 days ago by Klecha & Co.

3 reasons to put ERP in the cloud

Moving ERP out of the corporate data center can improve security and data access—and save money hashtag#ERP hashtag#Cloud

6 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Machine Learning has Significant Potential for the Manufacturing Sector

Machine learning appears to have the potential to change relationships between producers and consumers in positive ways hashtag#MachineLearning

6 days ago by Klecha & Co.