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GDPR and the Transparency Revolution

It’s been over a year since GDPR went into effect, and in that time, the regulation has driven a great deal of meaningful conversations around consumer privacy and enterprise data management policies hashtag#GDPR

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

2 things you probably forgot in cloudops planning

Planning an operationally effective cloudops plan is complex. Chances are you missed these two issues hashtag#Cloud

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Why You Need a Modern Infrastructure to Accelerate AI and ML Workloads

Recent years have seen a boom in the generation of data from a variety of sources: connected devices, IoT, analytics, healthcare, smartphones, and much more hashtag#Infrastructure hashtag#ML

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Data Governance and Data Science: What is the Intersection?

Data Governance (DG) is expected to play a key role in future Data Science (DS) practices hashtag#DataGovernance hashtag#DataScience

1 days ago by Klecha & Co.
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Security Think Tank: Close interdisciplinary ties are key to security integration

How can infosec professionals and data architects work together to support business goals and achieve a good level of cyber security? hashtag#Security

1 days ago by Klecha & Co.

How Data Analytics Tools Eliminate Business Owner Headaches

Data analytics tools eliminate business owner headaches in all kinds of powerful and helpful ways. Here's what to know about the benefits hashtag#DataAnalytics

1 days ago by Klecha & Co.

What Is Data Streaming? A Data Architect’s Guide

Data streaming is the process of transmitting, ingesting, and processing data continuously rather than in batches hashtag#DataStreaming

2 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Democratizing AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology accelerator and enabler. When we truly democratize AI, we have the opportunity to cause a massive paradigm shift in how humanity solves problems hashtag#AI

2 days ago by Klecha & Co.

5 Ways Big Data Can Add Value to Your Custom Software Development

Today’s businesses need the next generation of custom software tools to unlock the potential of Big Data hashtag#BigData

2 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Shift in Core Principles of Data Management in Today’s Digital Economy

Today’s data landscapes in enterprises are increasingly based on core principles of Data Discovery, Right Data Interpretation, Coverage, Availability and Inter-operability hashtag#DataManagement

3 days ago by Klecha & Co.