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17 01, 2019

How Big Data Is Transforming the Legal Industry

Across many industries, “big data” is being used to drive more informed and better decision-making hashtag#BigData

17 01, 2019

Cloud management: What you need to know

In the emerging multicloud world, new management challenges arise. And so do new solutions, including CSPs, CMPs, and CASBs hashtag#CloudManagement

17 01, 2019

Machine Learning Data On The Cutting Edge Of Cybersecurity Efforts

Cybersecurity professionals have a hard job. Not only are they tasked with developing solutions to constantly changing risks, but they cannot know what those attacks will consist of until after they’ve already been launched hashtag#MachineLearning hashtag#Cybersecurity

16 01, 2019

The rise of DevSecOps

The increasing complexity of security threats facing enterprises is leading to DevSecOps approaches, which combine operations and development with security, so that all business units are involved in security operations hashtag#DevSecOps

16 01, 2019

10 Ways Technology is Changing Financial Marketing Research

The explosion of digital capabilities and advanced technologies has transformed the way marketing research is conducted and analyzed. These advances enable marketers to better identify consumer trends and react to changes in close to real-time hashtag#Technology hashtag#FinancialMarketingResearch

16 01, 2019

How Big Data Makes Traditional Branding More Effective Than Ever

Big data is changing all kinds of industries, including branding and marketing. Here’s how big data makes traditional branding more effective and useful hashtag#BigData

15 01, 2019

How do AI algorithms automate IoT threat detection?

One major advantage of AI algorithms is their ability to rapidly find patterns across large data sets and to detect anomalies hashtag#AI hashtag#IoT

15 01, 2019

Developing Perceptive Machines that See and Reason Like Humans

Machines now are being asked to analyze and “understand” visual data from many sources such as consumer and satellite cameras, video cameras, 3D systems and depth sensors such as those used in navigation and calculating distance hashtag#AI hashtag#DeepLearning