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Is Advanced Analytics the Next Logical Step Beyond Self-Serve Business Intelligence?

The advantages of advanced analytics are numerous and those advantages are based on the ability to further improve the business, increase user adoption (and therefore user empowerment and accountability) and, best of all, improve the bottom line and the accuracy of predictions and forecasts that will dictate the success of the hashtag#AdvancedAnalytics

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

High Volume and Multi-source Analytics

By using the following two approaches, together with modern cloud-native data storage, data engines, and BI tooling, relatively simple yet hyper-scalable approaches can start to help tame data entropy, handle the exponentially-growing size, speed, and potential sources of data, and still deliver solid value and insights to end users hashtag#Analytics

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Factors Behind Data Storage Security: Is Your Business Vulnerable?

Is your business vulnerable to cybersecurity issues or attacks? Here's what to know about the driving factors behind data storage security hashtag#DataStorageSecurity

0 days ago by Klecha & Co.

AI in accounting boosts compliance and fraud detection

Accounting and finance teams are using AI tools to speed document review and other error-prone processes, which gives a boost to fraud detection and compliance efforts hashtag#AI

1 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Predictions About the Internet of Things (IoT) and Related Services

The information technology sector as a whole has been trying to develop services that makes the lives of customers more comfortable and one of those ways is through the Internet of Things hashtag#IoT

1 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Getting Ready for Real-Time Decisioning

There is no end in sight to the growing amounts of data in today’s digital world hashtag#BigData

2 days ago by Klecha & Co.

How cloud-native technologies defeat cloud lock-in

Cloud-native applications are characterized by their ability to run in any cloud—and to be easily moved between clouds hashtag#Cloud

2 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Unbelievable Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Education

Artificial intelligence is transforming many industries, including education. Here are some ways artificial intelligence is revolutionizing education hashtag#AI

2 days ago by Klecha & Co.

Growing awareness of mobile security risk

There is a growing awareness of mobile security risk among members of the information security community, but most admit accessing corporate data from personal devices or public Wi-Fi hashtag#MobileSecurityRisk

3 days ago by Klecha & Co.
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Achieving IoT, cloud and edge security starts with visibility

You can’t protect what you can’t see. The first step to winning the IoT/IIoT security battle — whether in an IT or OT environment — is visibility hashtag#IoT

3 days ago by Klecha & Co.