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Leadership in Tech Advisory

Klecha & Co. is a European private investment bank focused on technology, software, IT services, hardware and IoT
Our clients are active contributors to the data revolution or solution providers to the opportunities and challenges arising from the digitalization of business processes

Entrepreneurs, corporations and financial investors rely on us to support the definition of their strategy through to post M&A integration issues. We also support our clients in raising the capital needed for the execution of their strategies

With more than 10 Years on the market, we operate from our offices in Milan, London, Paris and New York and have demonstrated global execution capabilities. We can rely on a network of thousands of active C-level contacts and hundreds companies worldwide in the Tech industry


Navigating through the changing paradigm

In times where most industry sectors are going through one of history’s greatest revolutions ever seen we stick to sound principles and provide our clients with a unique mix of industry expertise and transaction experience

Long-Term approach
Company/people driven vs. transaction driven. Our financial advisory services are aimed to support our clients in reaching their long-term objectives
Dynamic approach
We highly value the potential of our clients. We support and advise emerging projects if we believe that they can become leaders in their sector
We track new ideas, emerging sectors, technologies and business models. We like to have continuous dialogue with entrepreneurs to share experiences and ideas
Our team is composed of seasoned professionals with outstanding track-records both nationally and internationally. We aim to offer the best tailor-made services to our clients by combining multi-disciplinary experience and high quality contacts in the industry and with financial investors
Integrity is one of the fundamental elements of our business. We expect our professionals to maintain the highest standards of ethics both professionally and personally. We also contribute the know-how acquired in bordering industries, which are more and more interconnected

Corporate news

8 May 2020
Klecha & Co. advises the Founders of Namirial on the sale of a majority stake to Ambienta SGR
28 April 2020
Il fondo Ambienta conquista i software del gruppo Namirial
4 February 2020
Klecha & Co. continues its expansion with the opening of its new office in France
27 January 2020
Pagamenti digitali. Le otto strade future

Klecha & Co. is a leading technology advisory company, providing advice to entrepreneurs who wish to grow their businesses

We focus on supporting our clients in achieving their strategic and financial objectives
Our sector-focused approach enables us to contribute industrial insight to strategic decision-making

One of our differentiating factors resides in our senior bankers’ continuous involvement throughout the life cycle of a mandate until completion


We have designed our strategic advisory services to help business and industry leaders understand, position their company and plan for the future


Strong industrial focus and access to a wide range of corporate and financial buyers
Execution of sell, buy-side and merger assignments (tailor-made processes and auctions)


Ability to structure and place financial instruments across the capital structure


Sale of a majority stake of Namirial to Ambienta

Buy-out of 2C Minorities

Acquisition of Serban Biometrics by Namirial

Sale of Bridge Consulting to Kirey Group

Financing round subscribed by family office

Convertible bond subscribed by e-novia

Sale of OCS to Charme Capital

Take private of Vipera Plc

Sale of Euronovate to Topaz Systems Inc.

Sale of Sigma to GPI

Acquisition of Soft Telecom

Acquisition of Problem Solved Inc.

US revolving credit facility – Tranche 1 & 2

Acquisition of Bassi from US-listed Sevcon

Club deal Financing

Industry insight

Tech conferences

Conversations on Cybersecurity
Tech CEOs, Investors and Tech Trends
How geopolitical & technology scenarios are changing our lives

Sector news

10 July 2020
IIoT in Action: Improving Equipment Effectiveness in the Plastics Industry
Volatile raw material prices, the lack of skilled labor, and the complexity of the global supply chain — these and...
10 July 2020
The Secret Weapon to Business Success: Unstructured Data
Amidst the best efforts to educate and build in best data practices throughout the organization, IT teams have no way...
10 July 2020
5 Ways Data Can Fuel Your Online Marketing Strategy
The lives of digital marketers today are significantly more straightforward than they were just a decade ago. Today, they have...
9 July 2020
Not Just Another Trend: The Postmodern Cloud Computing Imperative
Cloud computing has come to occupy a central locus in the data management ecosystem, much more so than it did...
9 July 2020
The alternative data revolution in banking
We have all been at that place where we had to gather a ton of evidence to prove our financial...
9 July 2020
Four Ways in Which Augmented Reality is Transforming with Immersive Experiences
When you want to buy a shirt, you go to stores and try on the shirts you like. When you...
8 July 2020
4 deployment strategies for resilient microservices
Building apps with microservices provides developers with greater speed and agility than traditional architectures. However, each code change still incurs...
8 July 2020
The Fundamentals of Data Anonymization and Protection
Data anonymization is a process aimed at eliminating personally identifiable clues so that it’s impracticable, or at least very challenging,...
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