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Cold War II

July 2023

The world is experiencing a geopolitical recession, characterised by a phenomenon of de-globalisation and balkanisation of global supply chains. The framework in which this geopolitical recession is taking place is what we called Cold War 2 between US and China, which has several dimensions. 

This recession may become a depression, if the conflict between the two global super-powers intensifies further. In this respect, the war between Russia and Ukraine represents a very concerning signal, since it has fundamentally altered the geopolitical equilibria emerged at the end of World War 2 (WW2). We interpret this conflict as the first proxy war between US and China.

In this context, we explore the possible role for Europe, and its technological advancement, followed by the necessary regulatory adaptation to accommodate these inroads.

In this research you will find:

  • An overview on Cold War 2
  • Cold War 2, Proxy Wars And Global Governance 
  • The Reshaping Of The Global Economy

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