Cybersecurity & Defence

Emerging Defence Technologies: Disrupting the Face of Future Warfare

October 2022

Simply maintaining a current state of affairs cannot be an option in defence. 

Countries cannot passively watch while potential adversaries, both state and non-state, employ cutting-edge technologies and novel strategies to acquire a military edge. Therefore, if a country or alliance wishes to maintain an edge in defending its inhabitants and ideals and play a role on the world stage, continuous defence innovation at a national and alliance level is essential. 

The velocity of technological development is dictating how our societies operate and how everyone lives. The degree of security that a state or a set of states can offer to its residents is directly correlated with their capacity to embrace and utilize technological advancement.

In this research you will find:

  • Stats Showcasing How Disruptive Technology Affects Defence 
  • An Overview on Disruption In Defence Technology 
  • The Influence Of Technology And Transformation In Future Military Scenarios
  • Emerging Defence Technologies And How The Will Affect The Future Of Warfare 
  • Landscape of Large And Emerging Defence Tech Companies


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