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Gaming as a Driver and Disrupter in Technology

July 2023

The Video Gaming industry has grown at a rapid speed over decades, a lucrative entertainment market absorbing consumers across demographics and geographies – gamers are estimated to surpass 3 billion worldwide in 2023. Competition and the industry’s dynamic nature have led to high investments in new technology in the sector improving and launching new hardware, games and gaming-related services. These investments have led to significant technological advancements that increasingly have become useful and enabled applications in most other industries. The examples are many-fold and with varying degrees of technological and go-to-market maturity.

This report will take a closer look at the dynamic nature of the gaming industry, including up-to-date trends, M&A activity and investments, which have accelerated technological advancements and the emergence of applications far beyond both leisure gaming and gaming. 

In this research you will find:

  • The Video Gaming industry and selected impact at a glance
  • Consumer base, growth & engagement, video gaming have driven investments
  • Gaming’s impact on chips and graphics – enabling AI
  • AR, VR and MR technology
  • Professional and Educational training games
  • Professional training – “serious games” 
  • Use cases of simulation training in Aerospace & Defence – XR aid, increasingly along with gaming engines
  • Educational Gamification 
  • Gaming-powered technology to be on the outlook for


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