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THE NEW PARADIGM - 23 March 2017 | Luka Oreskovic


Speech "How geopolitical and technology scenarios are changing our lives" by Luka Oreskovic, fellow at Harvard University, during The New Paradigm event, held in Milan on March 23rd 2017.

The speaker highlights how the current geopolitical landscape is characterized by unknown unknowns and challenges, such as the Trump presidency, Brexit, and ongoing crises, while Europe is facing existential challenges, including Ukraine war, Russia's expansionist appetite, ethnic tensions in the Balkans and disputes involving Russia and Turkey.

At the same time, Oreskovic explains how the forces of globalization cannot be halted, as emerging economies are growing stronger and gaining influence.

European Union finds itself at a crossroads and can benefit from security as a driver of integration. Exercising restraint, adhering to law and European solidarity represent effective measures against belligerence and war. The virtue of moderation is highlighted as a quality lacking in Western political discourse, and thought-out action is deemed preferable to impulsive rhetoric.


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