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THE NEW PARADIGM - 23 March 2017 | Paraag Amin


Speech "The Changing Face of Technology" by Paraag Amin, CFA Technology Research Analyst, during The New Paradigm event, held in Milan on March 23rd 2017.

The speaker discusses the rapid evolution of technology and its impact on various sectors, highlighting the importance of intellectual property (IP) and Internet Protocol (IP) in the technology industry. 
Technology is described as a service that transforms businesses, fosters innovation, and strengthens customer relationships, while data is emphasized as a crucial element in technology, driving business models and performance. 

Mobile devices, particularly smartphones, are seen as revolutionary tools for connectivity and targeted engagement. As far as corporate strategy in the technology sector, M&A is considered as an alternative form of R&D.

From an investor's perspective, the speaker suggests investing in a portfolio of technology companies, emphasizing the significance of strong intellectual property, long-term strategy, market leadership and attractive valuation.

Technology is noted for its consistent outperformance compared to the broader market.


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