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Pagamenti digitali. Le otto strade future


Eight future scenarios for digital payments


In this interview in Italian with our Managing Partner Stephane Klecha published in the Economy section of Corriere della Sera, we discuss technological innovation and regulatory changes that are leading to a revolution in the European payments industry. 


This will result in a consolidation of payment service providers for the e-commerce industry, with independent companies looking to compete with the big international players. Service providers will have to adapt to the structural change of consumers preferring online shopping over physical shops, increasing their presence in the e-commerce sector and improving their omnichannel offerings by integrating online and offline shopping experiences.


Value-added services, such as loans, factoring and security and data analysis solutions, will become increasingly important for payment service providers. Large companies will require providers offering international payment services with high security and data analytics. New technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality payments, will attract increasing attention, opening up opportunities for specialised technology providers in this area.


Access to banking data will become a lever for fintech growth and innovation, thanks to the open banking trend. Companies will also seek to diversify by offering value-added services and acquiring or creating multi-channel payment platforms


These platforms will offer digital experiences to customers and will be integrated into specific commercial services. In summary, the European payments industry is facing a number of challenges and opportunities that are redefining the industry and competition between the various players.

Read the full article in PDF. (ITALIAN)