The Digitisation of Education

December 2023

Initiatives for digital learning and teaching in is not a post-Covid novelty in Europe, especially in Higher Education. Among others, the first 2014 European University Association (EUA) e-learning study showed that Digitally Enhanced Learning and Teaching (DELT) was applied at most universities, albeit in a very patchy fashion.

The first EU-wide Digital Education Action Plan (DEAP) was adopted in 2018. The utilisation, initiatives, and funding for digitised education were however greatly accelerated throughout Europe by Covid and its social distancing consequences, in Pre-K, K-12 Education and Higher Education, as well as in the Corporate Workforce on a fully new level. To gauge Covid’s impact on this acceleration, for example, almost 60% of EU citizens had not used distance nor online learning before Covid.
During Covid, EU funding, in particular for K-12 and Higher Education, made necessary by remote teaching, contributed to accelerate the EdTech adoption, applications as well as the sector’s penetration and market size.

In this research you will learn more about:

  • Status, initiatives and divides of education digitisation in Europe
  • Generative AI in Education
  • European EdTech firms and ecosystem
  • EdTech M&A and Funding in Europe
  • Largest European EdTech Fundings in the last three years


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