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The holy trinity of digital security

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There are three key components of digital security: IT security, cybersecurity, and network security. We provide a quick overview of the three below. All three components of digital security are crucial for organisations to implement to ensure protection against cyber-attacks. 

Information Technology (IT) security (also referred to as electronic information security), is the protection of data across both the place it is stored as well as whilst it is transferred through a network. IT security protects both physical and digital data.

Cybersecurity, which is often used as a synonym for digital security/IT security, is a subset of IT security. While IT security protects both physical and digital data, cybersecurity is focused on preventing unauthorised access, attack and destruction of digital data on networks, computers and devices.

Network security is a subgroup of cybersecurity. It uses hardware and software to protect data sent through any electronic device to the network. Network security serves to protect the IT infrastructure and guard against information being intercepted and changed or stolen by cybercriminals.

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