The rise of the European sovereign cloud

July 2020

The rapid growth of cloud computing over the past decade has seen it become ubiquitous, with enterprises increasingly reliant. 

The cloud’s incessant rise is expected to continue in 2020, a year in which the Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented level of disruption. Cloud infrastructure in particular, which has been the hottest area of cloud computing, is forecast to grow in 2020 even as overall IT spending is projected to decline. 

We look at five key growth areas for cloud computing in 2020. In the mid to longer term we foresee data sovereignty continuing to become a central part of cloud computing. The recently set-up Gaia-X project in Europe could lead to a boom for local European cloud infrastructure providers. 

Gaia-X’s scheduled launch in early 2021 could herald a seismic shift in the balance of power in European cloud computing. Additionally we feature a collaboration with Jacopo Nardiello, CEO of Sighup who discusses cloud native trends and technologies and how they enable data sovereignty.

In this research you will learn more about:

  • Cloud computing demystified
  • Cloud market growth forecast
  • Key growth areas for the industry
  • Cloud Native Trends and Technologies

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