Financing round subscribed by Progress Tech Transfer


DeepTrace Technologies, an AI-based innovative start-up, spin-off of University Department for Advanced Study - IUSS-Pavia, today announced its capital raise led by Progress Tech Transfer.

Founded in 2018, DeepTrace Technologies has developed on Artificial Intelligence-driven imaging analysis system, which improves speed of screening, quality of diagnosis and adapt therapy by automatically predicting the risk of disease onset, progression and poor therapy response at the level of single subject, avoiding ineffective medical tests and therapies, thus reducing the healthcare expenses, overdiagnosis and overtreatments.

Its data-driven approach to personalized predictive medicine allows the Company to deliver high efficiency, low-cost, medical devices with limited risk. In less than 3 years, Deep Trace Technologies has developed more than 10 predictive models for several diseases, including Alzheimer, cancer and viral diseases.

This funding round will enable DeepTrace Technologies to obtain CE medical device certifications of proprietary models and extend the range of diseases covered by the application. Additionally, a portion of this new capital will be dedicated to improve DeepTrace Technologies’ AI analytics and marketing insights software to be even more inclusive and customizable, allowing clients to capitalize upon unseen healthcare opportunities.