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A StartupItalia Interview to our Partner Fabiola Pellegrini


In this Italian-language interview to our partner Fabiola Pellegrini with StartupItalia, we discuss how the pandemic has led to a change in the habits and culture of investors in the private equity sector, who are now showing increasing interest in technology companies. This interest is attributed to the accelerated digital transformation of companies caused by the pandemic. 

Private equity is increasingly investing in small technology companies, thus transforming their culture. It is emphasized that this change is not just a consequence of the pandemic, but has been a process that began a few years ago with the emergence of new frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and the Internet of Things

Investors have realized the importance of diversifying their portfolios in the technology sector and are looking for technology companies with innovative skills and technologies to support the digitization of various industries. 

The interview highlights also the importance of fostering a technology culture among traditional investors to help them evaluate technology investments appropriately and adapt to new operational logics. 

Finally, the article mentions the growing interest in fintech and RegTech, areas in which Klecha has specialized throughout the years with M&A operations.


Read the full interview on StartupItalia website.