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Digital Transaction Management - The next growth frontier

May 2018

All over the world enterprises are digitalising their operations in order to innovate and improve top-line/sales or efficiency. 

In this context, Digital Transaction Management (DTM) sits at the heart of the current enterprise digitalisation. DTM help companies to accelerate the transition to offices ‘paper-free’ and to reduce the time it takes to get contracts signed, which would translate in faster sales and revenue recognition cycles, improved and simplified customer experience and improved profitability/margins. 

Currently, we see that esignature and related authorisation solutions form the core of DTM functionality but we expect the DTM market will evolve and add value to enterprise CIOs. The DTM marketplace is still fairly fragmented, with two global players Adobe and DocuSign, having established themselves, followed by several highly capable competitors often distinguished by completeness of their offerings and/or regional focuses. 

As outlined in the report, DTM is an attractive growth niche – 31% 2017-23 CAGR – in the enterprise software industry however the strong mid-term growth outlook does not make consolidation a necessity, yet we see several reasons why accelerated consolidation will only be a matter of time.

What you will find in this research:

  • Bullish outlook for DTM adoption 
  • The DTM marketplace 
  • Future industry drivers: new functionalities & consolidation


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