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Impacts the future of HR Technology will have on the industry

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2020-21 was a period that served as an intense catalyst of change for individuals, for families, and for businesses. Teleworking, which was on the rise before the pandemic become the norm. The importance of inclusion initiatives is magnified by enduring inequality. Supporting employee wellness, both physical and mental, became the top priority for everyone. 

Going beyond 2021, HR technology trends will continue supporting businesses in the “new normal,” offering tech solutions to address both new and persistent problems.

Given the vast impact that HR technology can have on the industry, a better way of looking at it is to divide it across the various verticals of an enterprise that it will impact, namely:

  • Technology
  • Strategy
  • People & Talent
  • Operations


Technology Impacts
  1. HR technology areas will embed AI in all of its various areas: recruiting to continue being at the forefront of AI usage

  2. A shift towards an entirely cloud based system of HR Tools

  3. Companies will realize that talent management technology will offer them a cost effective and solidify competitive advantage when dealing with talent shortages

  4. Data security and access management will see practical applications of blockchain integrations



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Human Resources Technology: Empowering talent and enterprises through technology

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