Digital Reality is not for rich kids anymore

AR, VR, MR technology

The Silicon Valley giants are in the race for the “next big thing”. Some, among which Tim Cook, believe that virtual, augmented or mixed reality (“VR”, “AR” and “MR” – also called Digital Reality “DR”) are the next technological turning point to which the world will soon become dependent. AR and VR technologies, which have already started to invade our smartphones, will soon make smart windshields and glasses mainstream. In 2017, there were 281 investments in AR and VR hitting the record of $ 2.3 billion. The US and China are the largest VR/AR markets, accounting for approximately 70% of the global investments. When it comes to the M&A landscape, one main trend is the change in DR startup stage of development, moving from PoC (“proof-of-concept”) to a solid customer base, impacting their go-to-market strategy. This transformation will attract acquirers, resulting in an increase in activities both in terms of value and deals number. These new sources of financing will foster the development of DR technologies in a variety of verticals and applications. Thus, it seems to be the right time for enterprise C-Levels, CIO, investors to start asking themselves what would be the best way to embrace the DR technologies.