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Digital Reality Key Enablers

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Enterprise wearables solutions (“EWS”) enable products such as smartwatches, wristbands or smart glasses to better perform activities in a professional environment.

This allows the operator to improve quality, reduce risk or increase efficiency. If applied in the correct environment, enterprise wearable technologies provide a significant competitive advantage.

Nowadays, EWSs are mostly represented by smartphones and tablets but there are more advanced wearable solutions, which include sensors, MR/VR headsets and AR glasses of varying capabilities. While currently far from mainstream adoption, these devices are already disrupting day to day business activities, from how employees work to how data are analysed and how businesses communicate with their customers, employees and corporate partners.

The global wearable devices market is forecasted to be worth more than $ 84 billion in 2022 by Gartner, representing a total of 453.19 million devices among smartwatches, head-mounted displays, smart clothing, ear-worn, wristbands and sports watches.

In the area of Digital Reality technologies, head-mounted displays (“HMDs”) are considered as core products. 

In fact, HMDs are the key enabler of DR in enterprise since they allow workers to have freehands. Currently, commercial use is still limited due to availability, cost, ergonomics, unfashionable design and other factors. 

However, the significant improvement in recent years in the hardware of HMD wearables suggests a positive +30% 2018-2022 CAGR on the number of “forecast device shipments” going from 28.4 million devices in 2018 to 80.2 million devices in 2022.

Digital Reality is not for rich kids anymore - AR, VR, MR technology

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